The celebrity system as a social control of women – 2008

“The celebrity system as a social control of women

What are celebrities revealing about society, politics and economy?

How is the celebrity system fashioning the woman of tomorrow?”


This is a piece I wrote back in 2008 and one of my first feminist writing.

In 2008 I was a Fashion Student in Salford University and this piece was my end of year dissertation of my B.A. for the module of Contextual studies.

I absolutely enjoyed reading, researching and writing it. The process helped me immensely in my early quest for answers about the word we live in, and to clarify my fascination for the visual world and fashion in particular.

It was the first time I read Dworkin too and my fascination was immediate as I am sure is quite visible. I became radical feminist overnight!

I decided to post it here because I have never shared it with anyone, I was very nervous for a long time this would not be radical enough.

My view has changed. Radical or not, I think Feminism is a journey and we grow within it. So apart from my use of the term “sex worker” (once) I still stand by what I have written.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it.

The celebrity system as a social control of women